Why do they pay you?

Conducting focus groups to audiences reflective of the community, prevents the expenses of failure. You make or break the idea by providing honest feedback.

Who should register?

Males and females all ages! Since different ideas and products are targeted towards different consumers, everyone can attend at some point depending on the audience being targeted for that specific group. The topics are endless. Regardless of your personal demographics, your opinion is valuable. If you are honest, reliable and punctual then we will have a studies for you to participate in.

Do they hold these groups on weekends?

Yes, some studies will be larger and have various times throughout the week including weekends however, most focus groups are during the week and will be both in the a.m and p.m.  If you are subscribed with us you will be notified of that info.

What if I am not honest in my application?

Our clients are relying on us to give them genuine consumers who want to give their opinions to improve products etc. not just for the money.  If we determine that you are attempting to mislead us ie. using different ages, not being forthcoming with past participation or applying twice for the same study or not giving the questions thought before answering and just getting click happy etc. we will no longer consider any of your applications and/or remove you from receiving e-mail alerts.  They may pre screen you at the facility and if your answers are different from  what qualified you to be scheduled in  they will not pay you and will not allow you to participate.

What if I made a mistake on my application or my phone died in the middle of applying can I start again?

This is a BIG NO, people reapplying for the same study is the biggest reason they become banned from any future consideration.  Regardless of the reason it will appear you are fishing for the correct answer to qualify so to avoid being banned just wait for another study to come your way.  The amount of money being offered is not worth being banned even when they are paying really high. The second biggest reason is not showing for a study that you are scheduled to attend without giving 48 hours cancellation notice.

What If I am scheduled to participate but, I can't make it?

The person who contacts you by phone will be responsible for having a perfect attendance.  Therefore you must contact them and advise them giving them as much notice as possible (48 hours is acceptable) so that they may replace you.  Failure to provide advance notice jeopardizes our contracts so we will have no other option but to cancel any other applications from you without further consideration.  Your 48 hours notice allows to move on down the list to offer the spot to another qualified candidate.

What can I expect after I register?

You will be contacted by way of e-mail focus group alerts and informed of the date, location, length of group, the general location, and amount of cash you will receive for your participation. You will be asked some questions on the specific application form to determine your familiarity with the subject so that we can qualify you and register you in for that specific group. Get paid cash for your opinions!!

How many different groups must I register for before I am invited?

At times it may get frustrating, it was worse when we were calling and asking all the questions only to determine someone did not qualify near the end of the lengthy conversation.  This is a much simpler way of determining your eligibility.  Some people get in the very first time they apply others may make numerous attempts before they are successful, it really depends on the requirements of the group and how fast it gets filled. Please see our privacy policy.

General Info:

We will send you out FOCUS GROUP e-mail alerts from only! So, if you would like to receive an e-mail alert make sure your e-mail is configured to accept e-mails from and that you leave your correct e-mail address and contact info on the form.