Cash paid for your opinions!

Attention Canadian area residents Collective Thoughts Research Services invites you to voice your opinions on the latest consumer products by attending  market research focus groups, taste tests, t.v previews etc. on interesting topics such as the newest television programs, food, fashion, soft drinks and much much more. Best of all, receive CASH for your time and participation. Males and females, all ages required for different studies. The majority of our studies are in the Toronto area which are centrally located accessible via T.T.C. Public transit. We do however offer groups in other areas of the GTA and other Provinces as required as well as online studies and phone surveys. They are 10min-4hrs in length. There is absolutely no selling involved and we only get paid when you get paid!  In order to qualify for a specific group you may require some previous experience or knowledge on the topic, which we can determine on the basis of the online application form you submit for that specific group. Please note, the online studies and phone surveys pay by cheque.